Friday, June 14, 2013

Baseball Birthday Party Photo Invitation

My hubby LOVES baseball. So when we got a boy, his first joke was to send our boy faraway for baseball training. I wouldn't let him, but I can do this for him.

After two girls with pinky and laces of dresses and cute stuff, I'm so ready to shop for boy's clothes. I think the baby baseball jerseys are SO CUTE. My boy needs at least a dozen. Well, I ended up buying three.

Maybe he will love baseball like his dad. It will be so fun to see them watching baseball games, discussing players statics, even playing catch.

So I have to make one invitation with this theme. In case when the day come to celebrate his first birthday, my hubby would want a baseball theme birthday party for his boy.

Here's our boy's first modeling picture, Daddy's All-Star.

Baseball Birthday Party Photo Invitation