Thursday, July 18, 2013

Evelyn's 5th Birthday Party!!

Evelyn's Birthday Party Invitation
I've been designing invitations for others for 2 years, but never had a chance to make one for my family. As our first child's birthday getting closer, I was eager to plan a party for her so I can make an invitation for it.

About a month before the party, after quite a few discussions, my hubby and I finally came to a conclusion that it's going to happen!! Yes! Our first birthday party ever!

I chose "Fairies" to be the party theme and started gathering ideas and tutorials online. Fairy has always been on top of my sales and it's almost every little girls dream to dress up like a fairy. I would love to see cute fairies dancing around in the house, having fun, singing happy birthday song all together.

Having a birthday party isn't a common thing in Taiwan. So everyone was pretty excited about this. And when we heard a typhoon is coming to join us during the weekend, we're so worried that it had to be postponed. I didn't want that to happen. We were lucky that typhoon passed before the party.

Thanks to all my dear friends who attended the party. We had a blast!

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